Phoenix, AZ, USA

37.5 HRS in Phoenix - Travel Guide + VLOG

37.5 HRS in Phoenix - Travel Guide + VLOG

Hey what’s up guys! Very excited to share with you my latest travel adventure. In partnership with Jos. A. Bank, I got to explore Phoenix, Arizona for 37.5 hours to test drive their latest TravelTech collection with 37.5 technology. The technology is woven into the fabric, so it never washes out, and the microclimate regulation keeps you cool when hot and warm when cold (It even works better the more you layer.) I had such a great time wearing TravelTech doing everything from go-kart racing to exploring the botanical garden.

Outfit details: Travel Tech Suit // Travel Tech Pattern Shirt // Brown Loafers

For day one, I decided to test out the TravelTech suit since a suit is something I always bring with me on my trips. You can’t go wrong with a classic navy suit. I paired the suit with a purple pattern shirt for a more business casual look. Finished off the outfit with brown leather loafers. I got an early start with a walk around the desert botanical garden. It was fascinating to check out all the different kinds of cactus. Then I went for something quicker with some fast and fun laps around the go-kart track. I had to roll up my sleeves for this adrenaline pumping experience! Finally, got some delicious food to replenish this packed day. Quick thing I noticed is that I was out all day doing all these activities but no sweat in sight all thanks to the built in 37.5 technology.

Outfit Details: Travel Tech V-Neck Sweater // Travel Tech Shirt // Brown Leather Chukka Boots

For day two, I decided to go with a more casual outfit to match the vibes of Phoenix. The TravelTech V-Neck sweater was a perfect layering piece for the temperature drops throughout the day. I went with this deep maroon color to be more festive for the holiday season. It’s also a great color to have to match with my TravelTech navy suit pants. The leather boots is a great mix of dressy and casual to bring on any trip. I had to start the second day with some much needed caffeine to get my energy up for another busy day ahead. Then I went for a bike ride around the park (Did you know biking is a big thing in Phoenix? I didn’t!) I also stopped by Roosevelt Art Row to check out all the creative art work in the area. Finally went for an early dinner and finished off my trip taking in the views from the downtown hotel rooftop.

TravelTech is made for guys on the go like me. The suit is stretchy and stylish, also adapts to hot and cold climates which is amazing. The TravelTech suit worked out really well in protecting me from sweat and odor. The collection kept me cool and comfortable throughout the entire trip. This takes travel style to a whole new level - all the pieces I wore on this trip kept me looking good and feeling good.

37.5 hours later… Mission Accomplished!

Be sure to check out Jos. A. Bank’s full TravelTech collection HERE!


Desert Botanical Garden, Octane Raceway, Roosevelt Art Row, Catch a game!
Phoenix Zoo, Camelback Mountain, Phoenix Art Museum, Papago Park

Fillmore Coffee, Diego Pops, Arrogant Butcher, Pizzeria Bianco, Lux Central
Cibo, La Santisima, Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles, Matt’s Big Breakfast, Little Miss BBQ

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