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Man Of Today

The finishing touch of any outfit that puts it all together isn’t actually something visible but a signature scent. Scent is the strongest tie to memories. I work on physical appearance and how I carry myself to make a strong first impression but ultimately it’s my scent that leaves a great memory. It is finishing touches like this that elevate my style to the next level. BOSS Bottled Tonic helps jump start my busy work day and revitalize my confidence before attending meetings and events to exploring a new city. Finding a fragrance that matches my personality, style, and life.

I’m incredibly honored to partner with Hugo Boss on the Boss Bottled Tonic campaign (dubbed “Man Of Today”) not only because of the prestigious brand but the message of “Man of Today” really hits home with me.

Growing up as an immigrant and a minority in NYC, I’ve always felt the need to work harder and faster than anyone else. 17 years later, today is no different. Rather than constantly improving myself to fit in, now it’s time to stand out. To put words into actions. To go from good to better. As a Man of Today - the principles live strong and well with me.

Being in NYC, there’s always this never ending energy of hustle. Constantly working on a side hustle - to turn hobbies into profession, dreams into reality. I was working in the finance world, climbing the corporate ladder while pursuing my passion in fashion and content creation on the side. Working on my hobbies in photography and modeling into what it is today. More than a year ago, I changed my career and took charge into being my own boss. As a Man of Today, I’m working hard to achieve goals in work, relationship, traveling, and fitness daily. It is characteristics represent your lifestyle, and how the scent fits into your life.

As part of the Hugo Boss Tonic “Man of Today” campaign, I had the privilege of spending 24 hours with the team for a chance to show you first hand what it’s like during one of the busiest times of the year - New York Fashion Week Men’s. I started off with Hugo Boss Bottled global dinner accompanied by a fantastic view of the city. Then the next day, I attended the official fragrance launch event with Chris Hemsworth, the new face, in attendance. Finally the grand finale of my full day, I sat front row at the Hugo Boss fashion show held at South Street Seaport. As an added bonus, I got to hang out with my fellow menswear blogger friends after the show who also embodies the Man of Today message strong and well.

Bottled Tonic is the newest addition to the impressive colognes in the Hugo Boss fragrance family. It’s a modern twist on their classic scents. With refreshing citrus essences notes, the fragrance really matches my constant on the go lifestyle - traveling from one place to another, always welcoming new adventures and facing new challenges. On the other hand, the bold wood notes is like the strength I have everyday to stay motivated and seize the day, making bold moves and strong impressions.


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