Chasing Waterfalls in Iceland with Shackleton

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Chasing Waterfalls in Iceland with Shackleton
In collaboration with Shackleton Whisky

There’s simply no shortage of amazing natural sceneries in Iceland. With much to discover, I decided to make finding waterfalls my main adventure while there. Just like everything else in life - the greater something is, the harder you have work for it. I’ve teamed up with Shackleton Whisky to put my adventurous spirit to the test on this Icelandic expedition. Shackleton Whisky is the perfect whisky for the adventure enthusiast. 

As a little background, Shackleton was created to honor Sir Ernest Shackleton and his 1907 expedition into the British Antarctic. Setting sail in 1907; his ship was stocked with rations including 25 cases of Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt Whisky. At the end of a hard day, Shackleton would bring his team together to commemorate over a glass of whisky. When it was time to return home after more than a year on Antarctica they left behind three crates of whisky, hidden deep beneath their hut, eventually engulfed by the ice. In 2007, nearly a century later, the crates were uncovered. Inspired by this discovery, legendary Master Distiller Richard Paterson created Shackleton Whisky. 

So with my bottle of Shackleton in tow, I had my eyes set on Bruarfoss Waterfall and the Top of Skogafoss on my road trip drives out of Reykjavik. These waterfalls are some of the best Iceland has to offer. It’s simply breathtaking (not just because I trekked all the way there haha). To get to Bruarfoss, I had to hike and cross several bridges with no signage in sight. I simply relied on the path made from previous foot steps and the sounds of the waterfall to guide my way. For Skogafoss, the directions were quite clear but that’s some 500 steps up the stairs and then finding a remote spot away from the tourists for some peace and quiet.

Both waterfalls were quite a sight to take in. I found perfect rest spots to take in the views and reward Alicia and myself with Shackleton. I’m reminded of how Sir Ernest Shackleton would bring his expedition team together to celebrate over a glass of whisky after a hard day. This certainly resonated with me after such a taxing but well appreciated day. Shackleton Whisky made for the perfect travel companion on this trip.

Travel, Adventure, Men's Style Travel, Adventure, Men's Style
Travel, Adventure, Men's Style
Travel, Adventure, Men's Style
Travel, Adventure, Men's Style


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