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Ultimate Guide to Bags Guys Need to Check Out

An ultimate guide to the bags you need to check out this year!

Duffel Bags

A must-have for travel in a variety of styles. From designer bags like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Coach to Sword and Plough, have a duffel bag ready to rise to any occasion.

Weekender Bags

Perfect for those weekend getaways, a leather or a canvas weekender bag will keep you looking stylish on your trip.

Work Bag or Briefcase

Be the most stylish guy in the office with this Filson or Daily Edited briefcases and show everyone you mean business.


From my favorite Coach leather backpacks to my most used tech backpack

Crossbody Bag

Fashion meets convenience with this style of bag

Gym Bag

These workout bags from Nike and Lululemon will have you looking extra great to and from the gym


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