New York, NY, USA

Co-Hosting Asian Menswear Podcast

Excited to officially announce that I’ll be a co-host for @asianmenswearpod

Leo Chan joins as co-host of Asian Menswear podcast

Pretty crazy how @asianmenswear and I first connected over a meet up in San Francisco two years ago. We’ve always had the same mission and purpose from the start - positive Asian representation. If the media won’t do it we can control our own narrative and produce the content we want to see in today’s world. Over the years we’ve build our relationship from networking to friendship... and that’s the power of social media in real life.

Excited to be providing more value and open more conversations over on the podcast about the Asian American experience and more!


A podcast spotlighting influential Asian men who defy negative stereotypes.
A podcast made with the Asian American man in mind. 


  1. Looking forward to the valuable conversations and strands insights you'll bring to the podcast about the Asian American experience and beyond!


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