New York, NY, USA

YouTube Channel Updates for 2021

A Levitate Style Channel Update! Here's what's new and in store for 2021. 

Since the outset of my YouTube channel, I've aimed to create a place of value for you. It's been a fun way to learn a new skill and grow this channel. I have kept the channel consistent with 2 videos a week in 2020. Going into this new year I want to try and grow this channel more and expand while slightly changing my focus.

Going into 2021 I will be keeping the style and sneakers videos you already know and love while adding... stocks!

Because my channel isn't that large, it doesn't make sense to create a whole new channel for this venture. If you follow me on Instagram, or here on this blog, I'm about mens lifestyle in general. From fashion to travel, I love to cover it all. Here's what to expect in 2021:


I'll continue to create my sneakers and style videos which have had really great feedback this year. I will also have an added focus on Nike By You creations! I made a lot of custom Air Force 1st this year from Dior, Supreme, Mars Yard, and more. I'm excited to share more creations for 2021.


Fashion is my main bread and better. You have loved the shop hauls from seasonal (spring, summer, winter, holiday) to brands at a great price point you all know and love (Express, H&M, Zara, Uniqlo, Brooks Brothers). I will also bring back my style essentials series. I'll be covering all the topics from the 5 jackets you need this season to the 5 pairs of shoes every guy needs. 


I'm also going to have a greater focus on lifestyle content. I get so many questions about my hair so I'll be covering styling, cuts, products, and more. One of my top performing videos of all time on this channel is a hair styling video. I'll also five more into topics such as skincare. 


During the pandemic when business was slow, I wanted to take the downtime to learn to invest. In less than a year I grew my portfolio from 0 to 100! I started by investing $1,000 then building my way up. I've had a lot of great success and on Instagram you guys have expressed a lot of interest. I want to share what I've learned. I'll be going over my portfolio, my top picks, and lessons I've learned along the way.

3 videos a week will be a big undertaking, but I hope you will find a lot of value in the content I post! If there's anything you would love to see this year from me that I'm not already planning to cover please drop a comment in the YouTube video! Here's to 2021!

Sneakers. Style. Stocks.