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What to Wear: 8 Valentine's Day Outfits for Men

Valentine's Day will no doubt look different this year, but it doesn't mean you can't dress up for the occasion.

With February just right around the corner it's time to start thinking about how you will dress to impress your date. Here are 8 Valentine's Day outfit ideas for men from dressed up to casual.

What to Wear: 8 Valentine's Day Outfits for Men

Full Suit

The Red Suit

If you're asking yourself what to wear for your Valentine's Day dinner, you may want to go with a suit. This is a holiday where you can be bold and go for a full red suit or opt for a similar off-red color. Consider these dark red, almost burgundy suits from Express or Suit Supply. If you want something a bit extra this Floral Wine suit would be a great choice. If a pink suit is more up your alley this light pink suit from Bonobos is one to consider.

8 Valentine's Day Outfits for Men - Merlot Suit from Express
8 Valentine's Day Outfits for Men - Dark Pink Suit

The Subtle Suit

If you prefer a more subtle look add a hint of red or pink in your accessories instead like this pink pocket square, pink tie, or dark red tie from the Tie Bar. You can easily add these colors to a classic suit like a gray plaid one, for example. The subtleness of the light gray will make your bold accessory pop. This plaid suit jacket from Banana Republic or this gray plaid suit jacket from Express are both great options.

8 Valentine's Day Outfits for Men - Grey Plaid Suit from Suit Supply

The Celebration Velvet Tuxedo

If you're on the opposite end of the spectrum and feeling extra celebratory, why not go with a velvet tuxedo? The velvet tuxedo is the equivalent of popping a bottle of champagne. Be the boldest you can be, extra classy and extra cozy. The beauty of a velvet suit is that the color is secondary. You don't have to necessarily go with red with this as the velvet makes the outfit celebratory enough. Express has a wide range of velvet tuxedo jacket colors from burgundy, to camel, to black, to white.

8 Valentine's Day Outfits for Men - Tom Ford Velvet Tuxedo

Sharp Casual

Blazer Turtleneck Combo

If sharp casual is more your speed there's no winning combination better that a blazer matched with a turtleneck. Even though this look is more casual, the turtleneck instantly elevates this outfit. Pair this look with a pair of well fitting slim jeans. Consider a red blazer like this one from Express. While you can never go wrong with a black turtleneck, you could also pair this with a grey turtleneck and brighten up the look.

8 Valentine's Day Outfits for Men - Merlot Blazer and Turtleneck from Express


If you crave a more laid-back casual day, here are 3 different and easy options. 

The Red Jacket

Grab a red or burgundy bomber jacket or track jacket and pair it with a white undershirt and a pair of black jeans and you're good to go!

8 Valentine's Day Outfits for Men - Red Bomber Jacket

A Pop of Red

Subtlety can be your friend. Why not try to rock an all black look with a surprising pop of color? This reversible denim jacket is black denim on one side and bright red on the other. 

8 Valentine's Day Outfits for Men - Red Denim Jacket Levis

A Simple Sweater

Throw aside your usual sweater or everyday shirt and put on a shade of red instead. Consider this merlot sweater from Express and pair it with black or dark denim jeans and a light grey coat for it to stand out. Even though you're dressed casually this color combination will have you looking sharp.

8 Valentine's Day Outfits for Men - Merlot Sweater from Express

written by Alicia Mara


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