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Top Work from Home Essentials Everyone Needs for 2021

It's hard to believe we're almost a year into social distancing and so many of us have been working from home. If you’re new to working from home, this experience can definitely jolt you.

We at Levitate Style have had the privilege of working from home for over 3 years and here are our top recommendations of products to keep working from home easy, comfortable, and productive.

Work from Home Essentials Everyone Needs in 2021
Top Work from Home Essentials | 2021

Set up Your Desk for Success

Having a designated table or desk to work from is crucial, especially if you're living in a small space like us. Set up someplace comfortable for you to work each day and consider an upgrade of your screen. There's something about working from a bigger screen that just feels more comfortable. We highly recommend the ultrawide monitor we have been using for a year, the LG 34" Ultrawide. If you're not ready for a monitor, consider this laptop stand we previously used. An investment in a wireless keyboard and mouse really does wonders to make you more settled. Add this chair support and you'll be ultra comfortable.

Set up Tech to Work for You

One of our top necessities are these Bose noise canceling headphones. When it comes to storage, Google Cloud Storage is cheap and great for keeping all your online documents and anything else in your Google Drive organized. Especially in our line of work, we are dependent on portable harddrives. We've been using these Seagate ones for years and they are definitely our favorites. 

Don't underestimate the importance of lighting. Invest in a great desk lamp. Bonus if you get a smart lightbulb. We invested in smart lightbulbs 2 years ago and being able to control the brightness, warmth and coolness and color of your light throughout the day from your phone is a game changer.

Boost Your Mood

We are coffee enthusiasts (ok, addicts) and have so many different coffee machines. Everyone needs at least one great machine. We have this basic and dependent brewer, a Nespresso machine, and this cold brew maker. The cold brew maker was a new purchase this year and a pleasant surprise. It makes a delicious brew and is easy to use.

Plants aren't just nice to look at - they're good for boosting your mood. It's science. Indoor plants are a great way to make your office feel more alive and give you all the good vibes.


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