New York, NY, USA

ZARA Fall 2020 Try On Haul

This men's fashion shop haul is all about Zara. Here are my favorite Zara Fall pieces this season! I'm talking about why I choose these pieces and trying everything on from denim jacket, sweaters, to Jackets!


#1: Corduroy Overshirt, Size S-M -
#2: Plaid Trench Coat, Size M -
#3: Trim Navy Cardigan, Size L -
#4: Trim Grey Cardigan, Size L -
#5: Textured Colorblock Sweater, Size L - (Sold Out) Similar:
#6: Colorblock Print Shirt, Size L -
#7: Textured Plaid Polo Shirt, Size L -
#8: Text Print Overshirt, Size L-XL -
#9: Hooded Colorblock Sweatshirt, Size L - (Sold Out) Similar:
#10: Black Satin Trench Coat, Size M -
#11: Navy Blue Textured Cardigan, Size L -
#12: Combination Collar Jacket, Size M -
#13: Reversible Houndstooth Trench Coat, Size M -
#14: Contrast Collar Sweatshirt Size M - (Sold Out) Similar: