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Easy Way to Invest $1,000? Credit Card Tips

This week's Happy Hour Finance Friday is answering questions like what's an easy way to start investing and credit card tips.

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"Would you go back to working in Finance?"

I have definitely had thoughts about going back to working in Finance because of the way the currently global situation is. To be honest, sponsored work for influencers has gone down a lot. When things are going down like the current situation, brands don't have as much marketing budget. In my experience, brands are trying to sort out their advertising budgets dependent on their current retail sales. But overall, I think a lot of industries are hurting, especially travel. So yes, because we're not having as much work I have thought about it, but I am not planning on it. Yes, finance is more stable and those jobs are almost continuing business as usual and I could work from home, but at the end of the day it's still a 9-5 and would take away my time from other things. Instead, we have been trying to make up for the loss of our usual income by investing and other ways.

"Easiest way to invest $1,000? Mutual Funds, Index, etc?"

$1,000 is a great amount to start investing, though any is good to start. Mutual and Index funds are all  safe and easy to invest into. With the market going up and down, you can invest in so many different ways. I've really diversified my portfolio and I have money in growth stocks, dividend stocks, and ETFs. I highly recommend looking into stock YouTubers who do a great job digging deep. I highly recommend diversifying and start by looking into products you use and love, like Apple for example. Watch my video for other recommendations.

"Any credit card tips to get back into the 850s again?"

To be honest, I don't know my credit score, but back when I started in college it was terrible. I was terrible with my credit card and was constantly just paying the minimum balance to make more purchases. It's most important to establish a good budget and figure out what you're spending your money on. Make it a habit to always pay your bill on time, set automatic payments to pay it in full every month. Once my score was improving I upgraded and continued to get better credit cards. In total, I have about 5 cards now, but only use 2 of them.


  1. Looking for a simple way to invest $1,000? Well, here's a handy tip: consider utilizing your credit card wisely. By using your card strategically for expenses that can potentially generate returns, you can make your money work for you. Additionally, if you're in need of extra capital for your business, don't forget to explore options for free business loans to further boost your investment potential.


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