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4 Best Swimsuits For 2020 - How to Style Men's Swim Trunks

With August here, we need to soak up every last bit of summer we can get. Whether you have access to a pool, a socially distant beach, or just somewhere to layout to sun tan here are the 4 best swim trunks every guy should have in their summer arsenal for style in and out of the water.

When you begin your search for men's swim trunks the most important thing to keep in mind is length

The most important aspect of a swimsuit is length. The length of your swim trunks will be what makes or breaks your look

For a guy in their 20-30s I highly recommend going with something that ends around mid-thigh and is at least 2-3 inches above the knee. Look for something around a 5" inseam. Longer knee length swim trunks make you appear older and they don't do your body any favors. Now, with that covered, let's get into it.

4 Best Swimsuits for 2020 - How to Style Men's Swim Trunks

1. The Hybrid Swims Trunks

One of the first Swim Trunks style that every guy should have should be those versatile, multipurpose trunks that double as regular shorts. For me, that means something that feels like a performance short that is minimal or non-patterned, non-drawstring, and pocketed that can effortlessly go from a regular day's activities, to in and out of the water. 

How to Style: This style can easily be paired with a polo shirt and boat shoes for a preppy outfit, or pair it with a lightweight linen button down shirt and slip on loafers for an elevated happy hour vibe. Pick a solid trunk color in navy or other neutrals, which have the best potential to pair with anything in your closet.

2. The Elevated Swim Trunks

It's always fun to have one elevated pair of swim trunks that serves as an instant confidence booster. I have been loving this pair of Versace swim trunks as an indulgent, feel-good buy. Elevated doesn't have to mean designer and can also include any luxe made shorts that are very well made, though usually at a bit of a higher price point. If you're not looking to spend a lot, baroque style prints are very popular and stylish for 2020, and the best part is that you can find this elevated print at an affordable price.

How to Style: While wearing a pair of luxe swim trunks, keep the rest of your look plain to let them stand out as the statement piece. Does your pair have a hint of gold color? Add a minimal gold necklace for a sophisticated touch.

3. The Statement Trunks

Whether it's a crazy pattern, bold color, or large logo this is where you can have more fun. Go with your gut of what you like and have fun!

How to Style: When wearing a statement pair of trunks, let them be exactly that. The Statement. I would usually pair these with a white cut off tee, button shirt, and a plain colored slip ons or sandals.

4. The Nautical Trunks

We aren't able to travel this summer, but close your eyes and think of New England. This preppy style is inclusive of anything you could find on Cape Cod from nautical stripes, anchors, or even lobsters. With social distancing in place, bring New England to you.

How to Style: Think all things nautical, boat shoes are basically a must to pair with this look along with a collared shirt of some kind, whether it be a polo or buttoned shirt you'll look like you're ready to set sail.