Must-Have Essentials Every Guy Needs this Summer

Summer may look different this year with classic activities like parties and barbecues on hold, but that doesn't mean your style has to come to a pause. These summer essential items are perfect no matter the occasion (even if the occasion is just chilling at home). 

Here are the 6 most important items in my summer line-up and how to style them.

1. The "Resort" Patterned Shirt

The patterned shirt has been covered a lot in recently Levitate Style videos, but it's worth highlighting them again. Not only are they light, breathable, and comfortable, but they are also affordable running about $25-40. Endless pattern options make it an easy way to inject an interesting stand out piece into your outfit. Because of their buttons and collar, it's easy to dress it up or down with shorts, jeans, even a suit. In other seasons, it's rare to see bold shirts like this for men so make sure to take advantage.

2. Polo Shirt

The Polo Shirt is a classic, no argument about it. Make it even more stylish by getting one with a nice white lining detail, like this one from The Tie Bar for a retro look. 

3. Shorts

Wearing shorts in the summer is a no-brainer, but it can be tricky to pick out the rights ones. I recommend a neutral color for a crisp, light summer vibe and if you're feeling more adventurous go for a pair of striped or other pattern shorts. Wearing stripe shorts is a fun way to inject menswear style during the summer months. When picking out shorts, the key is fit. You don't want something too baggy or too skinny. Slim fit can work best for most. In terms of length, look for ones above the knee. This will give you a more tapered look. If the shorts you order are just a tad too long, just fold them up once or twice until they're right above your knee.

4. Sleeveless Shirt

If you want to avoid a "farmer's tan," you will want to go with a sleeveless shirt. Think of this piece as a replacement for your usual t-shirt and get a few in black and white so they go with everything. Tank tops have become a very casual piece, linked to the idea of a beach trip, but a sleeveless shirt will give you a more stylish, city look.

5. Classic Summer Sneaker

When thinking of a classic summer sneaker, perhaps the first to come to mind is a clean all-white or all-black low cut sneaker. You can't go wrong with the classic Common Project sneaker or the Nike Sacai for a more sporty look. When thinking about summer sneakers, you should look for something low cut, light, and comfortable. 

6. Accessories

Since summer style is really paired back, accessories are the way to shine and change up your outfits. When thinking about summer accessories focus on sunglasses, necklaces, and watches. These 3 items together can complete any look. For a further look into accessories, be sure to watch the YouTube video below.


  1. I'd say that a pair of good runners are a must, especially if you workout(personally favorites - Hoka Tennis( like those), comfy and look really good).


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