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How To Style Sweatpants: 3 Essential Styles for Men

If there was ever a time for sweatpants to shine, the moment is now. Once thought of as a sign of laziness, sweatpants have made a comeback with the rise of streetwear and it seems they are here to stay.
How To Style Sweatpants, 3 Essential Styles by Leo Chan of Levitate Style. Written by Alicia Mara

Chances are you're like me and have been spending the past few weeks of social isolation primarily in sweatpants. They’re not only perfect to rock while wearing at home, but they have the potential to be very stylish. Whether you want to dress up or down your look, there is a pair of sweatpants ready to meet the occasion. Here are 3 different sweatpants styles every guy should have in their wardrobe that you can wear and style in endless ways:

  1. The Designer Sweatpants

There’s no doubt about it, wearing designer sweatpants is a statement. Whether you’re traveling or running out for a coffee, this is one way to make a strong standout outfit. Not only comfortable, but with a side of street credit. With a quick look everyone knows what you’re wearing. With such a bold pair of pants, like these Givenchy sweatpants, I like to keep everything else simple to keep eyes on this as the statement piece. I pair the look with all black pieces, from the t-shirt to the jacket, and finish off the look with a pair of white sneakers to make the logo pop even more.

2. The All-Black Sweatpants

No matter the occasion, look no further than a great pair of all black sweats. These can be worn with almost anything and it's nearly impossible to go wrong. I always prefer my sweatpants to be well fitted or tapered because I personally love a tailored look. A great pair of black sweatpants can be worn for anything from the gym to running errands. If you're looking for a perfect pair of travel pants, try and find sweatpants with a zipper pocket. Comfortable and sleek for the win!

3. Full Sweatsuit

If you're looking to make an unexpected statement, this style is for you. If it's your first time trying out this style I would recommend an all black look. Once you become more comfortable, feel free to have more fun with it and experiment with colors and patterns. Pair with a comfortable pair of sneakers and you are ready to take on that day. As a fun alternative in spring, go for a full tracksuit!


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