Face Masks: The New Menswear Accessory

Though some states are beginning to reopen, our new way of living isn't going anywhere. It's vital we all still practice social distancing and limit the spread of the virus by wearing a face mask in public areas. 

As face masks have quickly become a new staple of our everyday life, why not use it as a fashion piece to express ourselves? Here are brands who are offering non-medical grade masks (save those for our health care heroes!) that are the perfect addition to your menswear closet, no matter your style.
*some masks may currently be sold out, be sure to check back for when product is back in stock!


The Tie Bar

It doesn't get more menswear than Tie Bar and now it's time to think of your face mask as the new pocket square. If you love a suited up style look no further than Tie Bar masks. All your classics are offered here from pinstripe to gingham. 

Rowing Blazers

If you enjoy a preppier, ivy league inspired vibe, you might enjoy what Rowing Blazers has to offer. They are offering menswear staples ranging from seersucker, corduroy, chalk stripe, to even tartan face masks. For every mask purchased, they donate one mask to the NYC Food Bank.

Rag & Bone

Their effortless urban style meets face mask. With each purchase, they donate $15 to City Harvest.

Hudson Jeans

You know them for their premium denim, but now they are offering a pack of 3 face masks hand-sewn in LA. Created from up-cycled fabric, each 3 pack order includes 1 denim mask. Their remaining proceeds will be donated to PATH.


Everlane is renowned for their high quality products and ethical factories, giving you a mask you will feel even better about wearing.


Known for their collection of timeless everyday pieces, here's another piece to add to your collection.


On Etsy you will find hundreds of different mask designs from all different sellers. You're sure to find one that you will love. Check them out here.

Written by Alicia Mara


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