New York, NY, USA

5 Top Tips for Working from Home

If you’re considered a non-essential worker, then you’ve likely found yourself in the new situation of having to work from home.

(Let’s take a quick moment to appreciate and honor those who do not have the luxury - grocery store workers, nurses, doctors, etc.) You guys are the real MVPs. One of the greatest and most important things we can currently do is to stay at home. Protect those around you. We are in this together. If you’re new to working from home, this experience can definitely jolt you. Alicia and I have had the amazing privilege of working full time on Levitate Style from home for the past 3 years and we have our work from home routine down to a science and are excited to share our tips with you for staying on track and productive.

1. Have a Consistent Wake Up Time

You likely have to log in at the same time everyday and it’s important to keep your body on a routine while working from home. Let’s be honest. You don’t want to roll out of bed and have to be logged in within 5 minutes. Wake up at your usual time and enjoy something for yourself. For us that’s making and drinking coffee, planning our day and then getting a workout in. Starting the day off on the right foot can really set up your day for success.

2. Get Dressed (Yes, really)

Don’t underestimate the power getting dressed can have on your day. Get out of your pajamas and get fully “ready” for the day. Just putting on a hoodie and sweatpants can make a big difference on your productivity. I like to go with either a t-shirt and jeans or hoodie option to switch the days up. You will automatically feel more alert and as a bonus, you’ll be ready for any surprise Zoom calls instead of running to put a shirt on.

3. Have a Good To-Do List

Start the day with a checklist of to-do items set for the day. The days will feel longer when you are working aimlessly. Checking off specific tasks on various projects will help you manage the workload and your mental space. I like to get up after completing a task or enforce a once an hour break for a quick walk around the apartment.

4. Set a Work-Life Balance and a Workspace

Especially if you're living in a small space like us, it’s important to designate a working area. Set up someplace comfortable for you to work each day that is not your couch. Keep it professional and structured so you stay in a productive mindset. Ideally with a proper desk and chair space that is good for your posture.

As much as we don’t want to admit it, we’re creatures of habit and having a routine of where we sit and work is so beneficial. I like to switch my work positions throughout the day. I start the morning working at my desk (9am-12pm), then move to standing at the kitchen counter after lunch (1pm-4pm), and sometimes finishing the day from the comfort of my couch (4pm-6pm). By breaking up the day in different positions - this could still feel like working back at your office where you might've routinely divided up your time at your desk, meeting rooms, and break rooms, etc.

If you're working a 9-5, have a clear cut off time and stick to it. Don’t check emails or think of work after a certain period of time or you will be likely to switch between work and relaxing the entire day.

Bonus: If you’re used to working with monitors instead of your laptop you can invest in a wireless keyboard, mouse, and laptop stand to make you feel much more comfortable and settled.

5. Prep Healthy Snacks and Lunch Ahead of Time

We are all guilty of wanting to snack on whatever is most convenient and that’s why it’s a great idea to spend Sunday to prep healthy snacks for you to enjoy during the week. Meal prep your lunches to keep you most productive and save your time so you don’t have to cook or eat something less than ideal. Have healthy snacks at the ready - fruits and nuts are my go-to. My final top tip? Drink a lot of water!