Top 7 New Years Eve Outfits for Men

NYC Style Outfits, Written by Irene Jacobs NYC Style Outfits, Written by Irene Jacobs

By Irene Jacobs

Another year has flown by, taking the decade along with it, and during this time the world of menswear has only continued to become more and more diverse. Things like loafers, colorful fabrics, and unique cuts have become not just simply more accepted but much more commonplace since the beginning of the 2010s and will likely only continue to rise in popularity. New Years Eve parties in particular are when these styles have their time to shine--literally and figuratively. These end of the year gatherings are always a great opportunity to show off a bit more of an eccentric flair that you otherwise wouldn’t normally see. Besides, whoever could say no to a good party to ring in the new year--or, in this case, the new decade? However, the dress code is almost always a weird grey area between laidback and formal that can be tricky to pin down, but this is easily achieved by simply switching out ties for bowties and dress shoes for a more comfortable alternative. Take a look below to see some of our outfit picks for NYE style.


There’s just something about New Years that compels you to reach for the velvet. When done to excess, the end result can be a bit corny--however, keeping it controlled to one or two pieces such as a statement blazer and a pair of loafers creates the picture perfect NYE look. (And remember: coordinating with your date is always a must.)

Navy Blue

Blue is a nice simple color for formal settings: eye-catching yet sophisticated, especially when on a blazer. Whether you’re wearing it with a tuxedo shirt or a simple white one as shown here, there’s really no way to go wrong with this color. (Also, having Henry Golding in your Instagram snap--optional, but if you get the opportunity? Go for it.)

At Ease

You can never go wrong with some military influence, demonstrated here by Leo. Even if you’re not on the decks of a ship, this style of jacket with its metallic details is a good way to stand out from the crowd. Since most of the attention is concentrated on the outerwear it’s best to keep the rest of the outfit simple and opt for a slightly undone button up.

Keep It Simple

Perhaps you’ve been reading this list and feeling slightly lukewarm at what you’ve seen so far. Not to worry, the bells and whistles aren’t for everyone. If traditionalism is more your style, a simple suit is just fine--but once again, as we suggest keeping the bowtie as opposed to its much more formal cousin, the necktie.

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Dressed Up Casual

If you’re not looking to go anywhere particularly fancy, a good pair of jeans and a pair of boots is a nice safe bet--and arguably more comfortable, too. This oversized blazer style jacket creates the illusion of formality, and when worn with a t-shirt underneath tones down the look just enough to give the perfect dressed up casual feel.

Pop Of Red
Since we’re celebrating, why not give a nod to Lunar New Year as well? Aside from being a lucky color, red is a warm and festive hue that marries well with the typical gold accents found at the end of the year. Swap out the dress shirt for a turtleneck and you have yourself a stylish and warm look for ringing in 2020.

We’ve already slightly touched on metallics, but why not go all the way? Gold is already seen everywhere, from party streamers to clothes, so it’s only natural that your clothes also join in on the fun. A shiny printed blazer like this one  immediately launches anyone into the party mood, and paired with an all-black ensemble will ensure you and your look is a hit throughout the entire night.