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H&M Summer 2019 Try On Haul

You loved the spring H&M try on shop haul so here is the summer version! Featuring 13 of my favorite items at H&M this summer season. #1: Sleeveless T-Shirt (http://bit.ly/2YC3Ylm) #2: Mustard Yellow Printed Shirt (http://bit.ly/2Yqmptj) #3: Cream Floral Shirt (http://bit.ly/2YqhCbx) #4: Dark Blue Polkadot (http://bit.ly/2YrHHGS) #5: Red Floral Hawaiian Shirt (http://bit.ly/2YlMPwl) #6: White Cotton Shirt (http://bit.ly/2YpJlcg) #7: Blue Lemon Resort Shirt (http://bit.ly/2FLEk6F) #8: Dark Khaki Floral Shirt (http://bit.ly/2YpJHPZ) #9: Navy Leopard Shirt (http://bit.ly/2Yo5445) #10: Blue and White Stripe (http://bit.ly/2FXPuFx) #11: Dark Blue Cargo Shorts (http://bit.ly/2YpZRsB) #12: Charcoal Grey Stripe Sweat Shorts (http://bit.ly/2Ywp7xG) #13: Grey Striped Sweat Shorts (http://bit.ly/2YrIiIC)

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