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Zara Spring 2019 Try On Haul | Men's Fashion Haul

Leo Chan of Levitate Style presents Zara Spring Must Have Items! 11 of his favorite pieces right now!
ITEMS (in order shown): - Faux Suede Bomber Jacket | Large: https://go.zara/2J41pUr - Checkered Jacket | Large: https://go.zara/2ZLpaGA - Baroque Printed Bomber | Medium (SOLD OUT, SIMILAR): http://bit.ly/2L8AadT / http://bit.ly/2LaLyWJ - Transparent Camo Print Bomber Jacket | Large: https://go.zara/2ZJraPD - Striped Jacquard Sweater | Large: https://go.zara/2PAU67T - Tie Dye Printed Denim Jacket | Large: https://go.zara/2UKRqpm - Chain Patchwork Jacket | Large (recommend sizing down): https://go.zara/2INgdrb - Jogging Pants with Baroque Print | Large: https://go.zara/2V5DwmI - Checkered Jacket | Large: https://go.zara/2IODmcP - Pleated Plaid Pants | Size 32 (I misspoke in the video): https://go.zara/2INuWCr - Faux Leather Snakeskin Printed Jacket | Large: https://go.zara/2IOrGqq

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