New York, NY, USA

How To: Winter to Spring Transition Style


It felt like January just yesterday, but thankfully time has been flying by and spring is just around the corner. When thinking about winter to spring transition style there's one word to keep in mind: versatile. Pieces that are light, but still able to keep you warm. Here are my top tips and tricks for dressing during this transitional season:
  • Rock a Light Wool Topcoat - A camel wool topcoat is a menswear staple, a must have for every guys closet. The topcoat is a great transitional piece because it gives you that warmth you need without being too heavy and it's one of those pieces that looks great no matter what you wear underneath. For those slightly warmer days go ahead and wear a t-shirt underneath and you'll still look very well put together. I love this Theory Camel topcoat, such a sharp piece that works well for any occasion, whether for work or the weekend.
  • Skip the Coat, Grab a Sweater - Instead of grabbing a coat from your closet, choose a nice quality sweater with just enough thickness to keep you comfortable all day. After all, spring is coming and it's time to adjust to not having to always wear a coat. Pro tip: Wear a t-shirt underneath in case the day turns out warmer than anticipated so you can pop it off for a bit of air. This Theory Good Wool sweater is one of my pieces for this season. It's comfortable and breathable while still being warm. Not to mention, I love Theory's commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness so I feel extra good wearing it.
Hope these tips were helpful! Let me know what you would like to see more of for fashion content this season.