New York, NY, USA


About a month ago I spoke on a panel for EMPOWER & ELEVATE, an Influencer Panel NYC Workshop, and talked about my background in finance and switching careers. Here are the questions asked and answered:

I. Introduction - Tell us About Yourself
II. What were some key milestones/moments/lessons that shaped you as a business person? (1:02)
III. What are some industry lessons you learned early on? (3:13)
IV. What are your deal breakers? (4:11)
V. How do you juggle your relationship life and business life? (4:55)
VI. How do you envision your career in 5 years? (5:49)

Audience Questions:
I. Have you at any point wanted to quit? How did you stay motivated to keep going? (6:37)
II. How important is it to have a mentor? (7:16)
III. What is your ultimate dream goal? (7:50)
IV. Do you feel the pressure to please your parents in your career? (8:10)


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