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Wearing a Suit with Chelsea Boots | Gucci Essentials in Florence


When I travel, especially to somewhere as well-dressed as Italy, I love to wear a suit in a lot of different and sometimes unexpected ways. For this Florence look, I paired this brown double-breasted tailored suit with my Gucci Chelsea boots. This pairing works well because:
  • The suit is tailored. You don't want an unfitted suit to make your look seem bulky.
  • The boots have a slimmer silhouette. This ensures a seamless look
  • Consider colors. Classic black leather Chelsea boots work seamlessly with almost every outfit, but to complete this look I went with brown on brown. The side color stripe of the boots also compliments the pop of color in my scarf.
  • Dressing for the season. For a very cold day, wearing a turtleneck under your suit is an easy way to elevate your outfit to the next level.



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