Bronx, NY, USA

Opportunity Is Everywhere feat. Uber JUMP


Uber has got me covered in my daily hustle in NYC. Nothing quite like the views of the NYC skyline through the windows of my Uber ride to start my day. Views of NYC recharge me and remind me of the window of opportunities this city has to offer.

In the past, juggling between a full-time corporate finance job and creating content for Levitate Style meant I had to take full advantage of my time. Uber takes me where I need to be so I don't miss my opportunity. A day in the life has me going from photoshoot to meetings to events. Using Uber helps me to focus on the things that matter, things that I can control and keep working on my passion daily.

Sometimes meetings and looking for new places to shoot in NYC will take me to the Bronx. The Bronx is definitely an underrated borough that more people in NYC should come to visit. I wanted to check out this neighborhood to appreciate the culture and look for inspiration. A quick Uber ride from Queens with a nice backseat view of the NYC skyline and I'm here! I also got to check out the JUMP bike option on the Uber app in the Bronx. I can easily rent one of the JUMP electric bikes to get around even quicker and easier. Talk about getting around in style - now I definitely look for JUMP bikes every chance I get. I got to check out some local spots and capture new content. Found this great coffee spot on the corner that has such a European vibe! And this street in the neighborhood is full of bakeries and restaurants - what a gem!



  1. I like Uber app, but in my city it really doesn't work well. I once was partying with friends in the outskirts and had to walk 2 miles before this app would be able to detect the address! So I really wish that someone would develop a similar app, but with more precise maps.

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