Living in NYC feat Tide

In partnership with Tide

Living in NYC, I am constantly on the go from photoshoots to meetings to events. I sometimes don’t even realize, but throughout my busy day riding in subway trains and taxis, my clothes pick up a lot of bacteria - and then I track them back into my home at the end of the day. I usually just sit right on my couch or I’ll lay my clothes on the bed to plan outfits without even thinking about the bacteria on them. But I’ve partnered with Tide to share with you my new tip on how to keep your clothes and apartment clean, despite the urban lifestyle! It’s Tide Antibacterial Fabric Spray, which kills 99.9% of bacteria on your tough-to-clean fabrics and clothes, from the brand who understands how to clean and protect fabrics most. It’s simple and easy to use - just spray on fabrics and let sit for 5 minutes. No need to wipe or wash away. Sometimes living in the city, you just don’t have time to do laundry or drop off dry cleaning - so Tide Antibacterial Fabric Spray is also a great way to keep your clothes fresh, like my go-to hoodie and denim jacket, between washes. It can even be used on bedding, couches, and more. 

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“Tide antibacterial Fabric Spray is effective against bacteria as called out in registration”


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  2. Hmm, interesting advice. I think that soon it will also be useful to me, since I'm going to carry out general cleaning in the house, and I don't really understand how to clean the ventilation in it)

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  4. It is also necessary to keep your house or apartment clean, because there too, over time, accumulates dust, germs and more. If you don't have time, you can ask for help from professionals. Have you heard about home cleaning in Mill Creek wa? I have been told that you can find professionals here to help with the cleaning.


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