How To Style a Hoodie 3 Ways | Men's Fashion

A hoodie is an essential menswear piece for the fall and winter season. You might think of cozy weekends, and lazy days at home, but you can dress up a hoodie in a few different ways. In this video, I'm showing you guys how to wear and style a hoodie 3 different ways - with a denim jacket, tailored topcoat, and suit. Subscribe to my channel and let me know in the comments which look you would try!


  1. You keep giving me new reasons to go shopping!

  2. Graduate fashion week is a show case for the best and worst of graduate talent and will often produce some hilarious results. It includes designs from weird to wearable and probably everything in between.

  3. Wearing unique fashion of today's world is one way of showing how "hip" and stylish you can be. Don't get me wrong, wearing older fashion jewelry shows style too, which is a whole different conversation.


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