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Holiday Plans with Maven Car Sharing

Holiday Plans with Maven Car Sharing

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving celebration. We hosted our annual Friendsgiving dinner with our friends here in NYC. We had a packed day of adventure and it was all made possible (and so much easier) thanks to Maven Car Sharing. 

This was my first time using Maven and I loved how easy the whole car sharing process was. I used the app to pick what car and location I wanted and showed up to the 57th Street parking lot where an attendant pulled up the car as if I owned it. There was no hassle of going over paperwork, checking what car inventory was in the lot, or a salesperson overselling insurance that would’ve taken me at least 30 minutes extra.

After picking up the vehicle we set out on our busy day – coffee to get us going, and a beautiful scenic walk to enjoy the fall foliage (and work up our appetite for the big feast later.) We drove our way around town crossing items off our checklist - food, extra chairs, decorations, and of course, desserts! Finally, the moment we waited for all day, the Friendsgiving dinner – filled with friends and good food. I was even able to drop my friends off home safely in my Maven.

I really enjoyed how connected I was with the car – I started and locked/unlocked the car with the app and had my phone connected to the vehicle with Apple CarPlay within minutes. Technology has really upgraded over the years! I was also really surprised that the Maven reservation included gas and vehicle insurance - the two things that always made car rental an extra hassle.

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You can sign up for Maven here:

Maven made my life so much easier around this busy holiday season.
Here are some super useful ways we would use Maven again:
- Shopping for gifts of course! (Especially last minute ones…)
- Getting a REAL Christmas tree and we would definitely need to pick out a car with extra trunk space
- Visiting all our friends and family across states in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Buffalo, NY
- Transporting our loved ones visiting from out of town at the airport
- Bringing food to Grandma’s holiday party
- Picking up Christmas decorations

Want to know more about Maven? Maven is a car-sharing app - you pick the car in the app at your most convenient location and simply reserve by the hour or day.
- Maven has free lifetime membership - no sign up or annual fees.
- The cars are new and have unlimited WiFi and Apple CarPlay, which is very helpful and keeps me connected while on the go.
- Both gas and insurance are included - and Maven covers vehicle maintenance! 
- Your phone is the key - Unlock and start your reserved car all from the app.



  1. Wow! My jaw dropped at those landscape shots like they look absolutely stunning! Love the camera work with this one.

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