Summer Rooftop Party

Summer Rooftop Party
In Collaboration with Heineken Light

Photography by Alicia Mara

Wow I can’t believe summer flew by just like that. To end the summer with a bang, I have teamed up with Heineken Light to throw a fun summer rooftop party with my friends in NYC. Here are my five must-have items for any successful party (in no particular order):

  1. Food - Let’s be honest here, food definitely makes or breaks the party! I am no cook but I was prepared for a feast so I got a mix of BBQ pulled pork, charred chicken, sweet potatoes, mac and cheese, brown rice, and refreshing summer salads.

  1. Heineken Light - The perfect beer for this rooftop party – and any summer party for that matter - with its crisp and refreshing taste! Also it’s only 99 calories brewed with all-natural & high quality ingredients so it helps to keep my summer-bod in check.

  1. People - What’s a party without some of my awesome friends? It was so great catching up with everyone since we’ve been traveling so often. I really enjoy these moments where I can just kick-back and relax with my friends.

  1. Summer Outfit - Last call to rock those white pants before packing them away. Keeping it simple and fresh with a denim short sleeve shirt and loafers. Also accessories is the key with my blue mirror reflective sunglasses. Funny enough my friend had the same idea and we were twinning all night!

  1. The VIEW (Optional) - It’s all about an amazing rooftop view in NYC! (OK this might be a hard one, just ask around if anyone has a secretly awesome rooftop at their apartment) Another great photo opp for the instagram feed and to create new memories. Sit back with a beer and enjoy the energy of this city. Just the cherry on top of everything that makes it a fantastic party!

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  1. Is that the rooftop at Chelsea Landmark?

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  3. Your summer rooftop party sounds fnaf game fantastic!


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