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Blue on Blue - Valencia Style | SPAIN

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Blue on Blue - Valencia Style

Photography by Alicia Mara

Unconstructed Cotton Plaid Blazer – Uniqlo | Jeans – Uniqlo | Navy Denim Shirt – Uniqlo | Suede Wingtip Dress Shoes – Gordon Rush | Sunglasses – Ray-Ban | Chronograph Watch – Timex

As you can see from the title of this style post, this outfit is all about blue! I wanted to tackle this challenge of doing a monochromatic one color look. You've probably seen this easily pulled off with colors like white, black and even grey. For my travel style in Valencia, Spain I decided to do this challenge with the menswear essential equivalent - Blue! The keys to pulling off this look are (1) Keeping it minimal and (2) Work with different textures. For the most part of this outfit, the pieces are plain blue except for the bold pattern blazer. I liked this blazer to break the look apart and gives it more contrast but I did skip the pocket square (for once!). Working with different texture makes the whole outfit interesting and let's each item blend in but also speaks for itself. The suede in the dress shoes, the denim, the cotton blazer, nato strap all stands out on its own.

Now...Here's the FUN part of this post. Valencia was one of my favorite stops on the Cunard World Cruise this year because it had the historic old part of town with charming architecture and also an impressive futuristic part that made me feel like I just time-traveled. It's awesome to see how this menswear look fits right in both settings perfectly. Really a testament of how classic men's style is timeless. PS - Did you know the Tomorrowland movie was filmed in Valencia?! Explains a lot!

Stay tuned for a travel guide and photo diary coming soon!

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