Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, Spain

Gran Canaria Style

Photography by Alicia Mara

Outfit Details

Unconstructed Blazer J.Crew | Henley Shirt – H&M | ChinosBonobos | Shoes – Rivieras | Watch Timex | SunglassesZegna (Century 21)

Gran Canaria Style – a sharp casual outfit on a day of exploring the Las Palmas part of the island. I knew the island had lots of different things to offer and since I would be out for the entire day, I went with a look that is versatile to go from the old city to the famous long beach. I went with a neutral top and more colorful bottom and shoes. Pairing the Henley shirt with a casual blazer and spring color chinos to match with the tropical feel of this Spain Island. I chose the vibrant yet subtle Rivieras as my option of footwear because it is comfortable, breathes well for all the walking, and quite sharp for a slip on shoes in comparison to Tom’s and Vans. The dapper style fit right in the old town with historic buildings. When I got to the beach, I just rolled up my pants and went for a walk in the sand. Las Palmas definitely had quite a few things to see for just one day and made for some great photo. Stay tuned for a travel guide and photo diary coming soon!

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  1. Loving the pop color of the pants! Definitely a strong style move for this season.

  2. Wow, great look!!! You're so stylish!

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  3. I wish you knew how hard it was the look at these shots the way that winter is going!

    A henley with a blazer is something I see you do often and I"m looking to dive into soon (once the weather agrees, of course). I got a brown blazer from Frank & Oak and can't wait to layer it with henleys the way you do. When do you normally pair that combo together?

  4. Hey DJ - I love doing the henley and blazer for casual days but I want to be a bit dressier. It's a great day to night outfit to go from sightseeing to dinner & drinks.


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