Waikiki, Honolulu, HI, USA

Honolulu - Diamond Head + Waikiki Beach

Photography by Alicia Mara

Honolulu, Hawaii - Diamond Head + Waikiki Beach

Wow can you believe August is almost over?! Summer went by so fast and already going to end very soon...so I'm catching up on some summer looks we shot earlier in Hawaii this year. On this fun day in Hawaii, we went exploring the Honolulu area with a hike in the afternoon then relaxing at the beach. Going up and down around!

Diamond Head Hike - We made our way up this famous hike in Hawaii to get a beautiful view of the island. The hike going up took about 30 minutes even for our young legs haha (started from the bottom now we here!). It was definitely hot getting up there so I just gave up and took my shirt off in the summer heat. For this kind of outdoor adventure, I always wear a pair of sneakers and bring a backpack for things I might need (water, shirt, camera, etc.). The amazing view and awesome breeze at the top made the exercise worth it all. Definitely a must when visiting the island of Oahu!

Waikiki Beach - After the hike, we made our way back down and drove to downtown Waikiki for the beach. It is a busy touristy area but we had to make a stop for Waikiki beach. We grabbed an Acai bowl to enjoy and just relax at the beach watching the sunset. For the beach, I was geared up in island inspired swimwear with some boat shoes.

Diamond Head Hike

Waikiki Beach


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