Luxor, Luxor City, Luxor, Luxor Governorate, Egypt


Levitate Travel Luxor, Egypt | Clark's Desert Boots

Levitate Travel Luxor, Egypt | Clark's Desert Boots

Photography by Alicia Mara & Leo Chan

HIS & HER Travel Style - Luxor, Egypt



Finally wrapping up all things EGYPT with this HIS & HER Travel Style post. On this last day in Luxor, we headed straight to the Medinet Habu Temple of Rameses III in the morning (See all the awesomeness in the photo diary below). Then we decided to just hang loose and chill around the desert taking it all in. The temperature in Luxor changes a lot throughout the day - going from chilly in the morning to "please help me take this shirt off" hot in the afternoon. Whenever I am traveling I always try to bring a scarf and an extra layer like this H&M sweater. What a surreal experience it was to just wander on our own in the desert.

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  1. That looks amazing just being there. Love how yo used a piece that could be used on the street and used it in the desert



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