Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt


Photography by Alicia Mara & Leo Chan

HIS & HER Travel Style - Cairo, Egypt

Socks by Ace Everett
Bracelets by The Chanman Shop


Leather Weather! In this post we were both rocking our leather jackets in our favorite colors - Brown and Black. I love how we both have similar styles yet look different. As usual we love to match our style with the surrounding - like a blend in/camouflage outfit look. We want to stand out in our style, not out of place. The leather jackets was a great look from chilling at the hotel to exploring every angle at the Cairo Citadel. One of the most important travel tip is an obvious one - bring comfortable shoes you can walk all day in! I love the Cole Haan Lunargrand because it has the combination of stylish wingtip dress shoes look with the comfort from Nike sole. The lunargrand walks like sneakers but look like a million bucks haha.

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