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What an amazing year it has been! 2014 was such an incredible blessing. Alicia and I traveled to Greece & Turkey in Feb - spent Valentine's Day overlooking the city of Athens and then explored the mystic city of Istanbul. For our three year anniversary and my 25th birthday we hopped on our first helicopter tour of NYC (30 mins felt like 5 mins...). In June we went to San Francisco and took awesome road trips down to Hwy 1 Big Sur and up to Napa Valley. During Broadway Week in NYC, we attended Aladdin The Musical and encountered a speechless moment when we were surprised with a vacation to Hawaii! Finally in October, we visited Europe once more for a sunny & beautiful time in Spain - Madrid & Barcelona. It was amazing to see all the stunning architecture both cities had to offer (blog posts coming I promise!).

Of course...Fashion was also a huge part of 2014. We officially launched Levitate Style just a few months ago. We wanted to display our creativity and passion in fashion on another level. It's only been a few months but it has been fantastic putting together the website, content, and building a community! Thank you for your support!

Have a great celebration! I am super excited for 2015...greater things are coming! We will be spending NYE on our flight heading to Egypt! We will be traveling for the next ten days checking all that Egypt has to offer...stay connected through Instagram!

Leo Chan & Alicia Mara - Levitate Style


Combatant Gentlemen Holiday Shop

Combatant Gentlemen 7 Nights In New York

Holiday Gift Guide

Nice? (Under $50):

2. Backpack - ALDO $50 (Khaki Color on sale $34.98)
4. Knit Ties - Weekend Casual $20 (Also gives back to charity!)

Very Nice? (Over $50):

7. Chippewa Rugged Boots Made in USA $135 (Code 20OFFSHOE extra 20% off)
8. Clark's Desert Boots $70 (Code 20OFFSHOE extra 20% off)
9. Thorogood Moc Toe Boots Made in USA $150 (Code 20OFFSHOE extra 20% off)

Nice all year? (Monthly Subscription):

1. The Tie Bar Tie Of The Month $199-$259 / Year
2. Sprezza Box $28 / Month
3. Birchbox for Men $20 / Month

Hope you enjoyed our Holiday Gift Guide that is both Stylish & Affordable! Looking for something more specific? Leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading! - Leo & Alicia, Levitate Style


Camo Dockers

Fair Isle

Insta Recap

Starting something new! A monthly recap dedicated to all the Instagram Photos that never make it to the blog.

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The Grand Opening of Topshop Topman on 5th Ave in NYC. Got to see world famous model Cara Delevingne Unlock the store.

At the opening Rocking a Hybrid Menswear/Streetstyle outfit pairing a wall street white collar dress shirt with a leather biker jacket from Zara.

Fall is officially Leather Weather! Sneak Peek of an upcoming post! Throwing on this Tan Leather Jacket I got from Spain on a breezy Sunday with Dockers Alpha Khakis in Camo and Beewax Clarks Desert Boots. 

Be a tourist in your own city. Enjoy the awesome sights everywhere you go.

Pattern Mixing - Stripe Shirt / Plaid Suit / Polka Dot Pocket Square. Taken at Warby Parker checking out some frames.

New York Festival of Lights http://nyfol.org/

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