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Fall Suiting

Fall Suiting featuring Grey Tailored Fit Suit with Season Appropriate colors

Orient Mako Automatic Diver Watch - Beautiful Blue Face watch to compliment the Blue in the Outfit

Subtle Pattern Mixing - Grey/White Stripe Dress shirt paired with Burgundy Navy Bold Stripe Tie & Navy Blue Polka Dots Pocket Square

Waiting...Waiting on the weekend to come

The Walnut Leather Strands by Allen Edmonds goes really well with the Grey Suit and really makes the outfit pop. Don't forget your belt and shoes, it is the finishing touch to the outfit.

The essential brown leather shoes for menswear - Walnut Strands by Allen Edmonds
Paired with matching camo socks by K Bell

Fall Suiting Outfit Breakdown:
Grey Suit by J. Crew
White/Grey Strip Dress Shirt by Uniqlo
Burgundy & Navy Bold Strip Tie by Penguin
Navy Polka Dots Pocket Square by H&M
Automatic Blue Diver Watch by Orient
Leather Belt by Uniqlo
Walnut Leather Strands by Allen Edmonds
Camo Socks by K Bell
Sunglasses by J. Crew

Ah the essential wear-it-all-year-round Grey Suit featured here in this post with Fall Appropriate Colors ready for the season - Maroon/Burgundy with a darker shade of Blue. This is a classic menswear style look that'll be ready for any day of the week. Here's another great easy way to pattern mix in your outfit using two different kinds of stripes in the shirt and tie paired with the polka dots pattern. It's all about the small details - don't forget the tie bar for this business professional outfit and some awesome socks. Don't be boring...go for colorful and interesting pattern socks that shows your personality!

Thanks for reading! - Leo


  1. amazing look! perfect detail of the socks.. it is a nice surprise to see it and the suit itself it is perfection! great combo
    nice work leo!


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