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Aladdin Broadway Date Night with my lovely girlfriend featuring Plaid Vest & Pattern Mixing

I wanted to match my girlfriend's outfit on Aladdin Date Night without being that overly matchy couple. Pocket Squares are the perfect subtle way to add an interesting pattern and personality. The floral pocket squares (J. Crew) goes well with her bold beautiful necklace (also from J. Crew)

Burgundy Wingtip Loafers (Allen Edmonds) to add that POP in this outfit and match the red in the floral pocket square

Great Example of Pattern Mixing - Plaid / Stripes / Prints

TSBMEN recently posted an excellent guide to Pattern Mixing

What an incredible night it was! First of all, Aladdin On Broadway put on amazing show with their awesome talents. Our experience was unreal as we were randomly chosen for Orchestra seats upgrade + backstage pass. Then we went on stage at the end of the show, the entire cast completely surprised us with the Genie granting us a wish to an all paid vacation of our choice from Disney! We picked the Disney resort in Hawaii!!! Check out the youtube video of us on stage at Aladdin with the Disney vacation surprise below! Still so surreal and my jaw just dropped the whole time.

Aladdin Date Night Outfit Breakdown:
Plaid Vest & Pants - Express  |  Shirt - Nordstrom  |  Pocket Square - J. Crew  |  Burgundy Loafers - Allen Edmonds  |  Chronograph Watch - Kenneth Cole  |  Sunglasses - Warby Parker  | Belt & Bag - J. Crew

Thanks for reading! - Leo